My new record is out! Click on the player below to hear the songs. It was mixed by Larry Crane (who has also worked with Elliott Smith, M. Ward and is the editor of Tape-Op), Sam Coe and Joseph Davancens played brilliantly on it and Robert Cheek engineered and co-produced. We did a large portion of it to 2 inch tape just like they did in the old days and it sounds great. I love the songs and hope you will too. The Bandcamp version (link also below) has a very inexpensive download with an exclusive bonus track. Or if you prefer it is also on iTunes. Check out the first single and get a free download here: http://www.bigtakeover.com/news/video-premiere-free-download-ducks-in-a-row-by-sherman-baker Also, look for a Vinyl release later in 2014!